Are you someone in Cheektowaga, NY who craves the ability to customize your driving experience? The Chevrolet Malibu definitely appeals to the customers at Keller Chevrolet who wants to have a choice in the details of their car's design.

The first major decision you will be able to make is the exterior and interior colors. Exteriors offer seven choices, while interiors come in four different varieties. If that's not enough choice for you, customers may also choose the Chevy Malibu Midnight or the Chevy Malibu Sport version of the vehicles. These trim levels of the Chevy Malibu come with bold, black accents.

Interior designs are made to make both you and your passengers feel safe. This includes triple-sealed doors and technology that allows you to connect with your other technological devices. Safety features are also a significant design perk and help you with parking, backing up, and staying out of accidents.

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